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Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning

Nail Trim & Ear Cleaning

Trimming your dog’s nails is not just part of grooming but it is an important part of your dog’s health as well. Untrimmed nails can cause a variety of problems including broken nails that are painful and bleed profusely. In some cases, nails will actually curl and grow back into the dog’s feet.

Combing & Brushing

Combing & Brushing

Regular brushing removes excess hair from your dog’s coat and cuts down significantly on the amount of hair you have to deal with on your furniture, car, and your favorite black pants. It also helps distribute the natural oils in your dog’s fur and skin, keeping their coat healthy and looking its best.

Bath & Haircut

Bath & Haircut

Maintaining a healthy coat and fur for your dog means that you have to groom them frequently. They can’t just jump into the shower and clean themselves as we can.

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